A little about me :)


I’m Debbie but some of my friends call me by my chatroom nickname of Dale. I am 38 years old and soon will be 39, which I am NOT looking forward to as it gets me closer to being 40 lol.

I am a single mother of a 15 yr old Daughter, who will only let me put in her chatroom nickname not her real name lol, which is “Dark_Yami_Girl”. I enjoy spending time with my daugher who I have some interests in common with her, we love to read a lot (we both have recently just finished reading the latest Harry Potter book, not at the same time tho LOL :P), watch DVD’s including old episodes of Charmed and Stargate at the moment.

We both LOVE watching all the movies that Jackie Chan has been in, we don’t care how many times we see them again, whenever his movies come out on DVD we are probably one of the first to hire and/or buy them lol even if we have already seen them at the cinema’s lol. We also love to see his movies repeated on TV so we can yet again see them lol 😀

Most music of today I like including, Evanscence, Creed, Nickleback, Robbie Williams and Rob Thomas. I also love to chat to all my online friends, collect SigTags, and recieve lots of FWDS 🙂 and snail mail/email letters from my friends. I also enjoy posting in one of my friends MSN Group plus I have my own group that I love to run, which both keeps me busy.



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  1. richard said,

    Hey good m8
    kisses and hugsssssss

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