October 26, 2005

Wednesday, Oct 26, 2005

Posted in About TV shows I watch at 1:47 pm by Debbie/Dale

I watched Super Nanny on Tuesday after taping it from the night before. I just love watching this show. Jo is fantastic. I realised when I first started watching it that most of the ways she disciplines the children, I did the same with my daughter :).

I have also notice that with the way most of the kids act they remind me of my sister’s boys, all 3 of them .

It would be great if the show came here to Australia. The first thing I would do is put my sister’s name down for Jo to try to teach her how to get her boy’s under control. If that is possible  lol.

In the meantime, I will be looking to see if I can find The Super Nanny’s book to give to my sister for Christmas this year :).

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