October 22, 2005


Posted in About This and That at 4:41 am by Debbie/Dale

G’Day everyone,

This is my first post in my new Blog, I have three now lol. I would first like to thank Lindsey for putting me onto this site and my new Blog page [to Lindsey :)].

I’m still fiddling around to get things how I like it, and what links I would like to add on my page. Of course I will have links to my other Blogs, but only those ppl who are on my Messenger contact lists will be able to access them. But eveyone else can catch up on what I am up to here :D.

Well that’s it for now


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  1. Lindsey said,

    Whoo hoo you are all set up now…now even if I can’t email you I can see what is going on in your life. I hope you enjoy this site. I have 2 word press’s…the free one and one I pay for…LOL. Check me out to at http://www.lindseyapplegate.com Have a great day my friend!

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